Stretch Tent Fabric


Sensation Lab has been manufacturing Stretch or Bedouin Tents for the past 5 years. With the development of its own Cadar Clamping system in conjunction with development of our own Coated Stretch Fabric we have been able to achieve longevity and stability for large and small stretch tents. All our tents come with a 3 year manufacturers warrantee and the Fabric as well. We are able to offer this warrantee due to not only the belief in our product but the strength of our fabric.

The tents are fully welded and therefore 100% waterproof. They range in sizes from 6m X 6m to 20m X 40m. They are easy to clean and maintain as well as quick to repair. The lead times on the repairs are between 24hrs and 7 days depending on the size of the tents and the extent of the damage.

Custom semi-permanent structures can also be ordered for restaurants, hotels, wedding venues, corporate offices, Pubs and Bars. These structures are generally installed for longer periods and therefore need to be robust and durable. Please contact and we will gladly supply references.

Fabric Sales

Sensation Lab has been developing new, innovitave and reliable fabrics for years now. Our fabrics are all coated as we do not use the older 3-ply or membrane fabrics. Our fabrics are 100% waterproof, UV stable and Fire Retardent. They are completely Block-Out as well which prevents Ultra Violet light from degrading the base fabric and therefore prolongs the life-span and also allows the internal area of the structure to be lit in different colours from the exterior colour and therefore blocks light perferation day and night. All our fabrics have a Light Grey Base Fabric for light absorption and Dirt prevention. The basic colours of Standard Range include White, Beige and Grey.

All New Shimmer Range

Sensation Lab is extremely proud to announce the launch of the Sensation Lab Shimmer Range of Fabrics. After three years of development we have created a fully metallic range of fabrics which will be relaesed in June 2016. Comprising of the same Waterproof, Weldable, Fire Retardent, Light Perferation and Block-Out properties the New Shimmer Range is now available in Metallic Blue, Metallic Red and Champagne Gold.