Stretch Tent Manufacture

We are proud to announce the launch of our first fully UV stable branded Bedouin tent, using our newly developed Polyform fabric.

Previously, the stretch tent was manufactured by bonding 2 layers fabric together with a very thin polyurethane membrane. This membrane would act as a sealant between the two layers making the tent waterproof while not affecting its stretch capabilities.

There were however a few areas that required improvement with this fabric and method:

Firstly, the biggest problem with these 3-ply structures was that UV rays omitted by sun would eventually breakdown this layer, resulting in the waterproof layer disintegrating. The UV would also attack the fabric, resulting in it weakening and the colour fading.

Secondly, due to the amount of stretch in the fabric

So, what has changed?

With our Polyform fabric, the newly developed base fabric is 20% lighter and three times stronger due to the knitting process. It is dyed in 25% black to prevent the appearance of dirt, and Teflon coated for fire retardancy and dirt repelling. The grey base fabric also has a far superior light retention, for lighting effects or custom event lighting.

Our fabric is coated and contains UV stabilizers and fire retardancy, making it fire retardant, unlike all previous bonded fabrics. And as a new feature the fabric is block out and not translucent, allowing brightly coloured Bedouins to be used during the day or the evening.

The fabric has an increased life expectancy, as it is now UV stable. Current estimates put the expectancy at three years, if the structure is left in situ (left in place).

Due to the limited stretch capability, the structures reach rigidity and with the newly developed strength, are far more stable in severe and adverse weather conditions which is even further stabilised by our new rigging system.

Branded Structures are also now available with a fully UV stable print process, and a guaranteed 2 year expectancy.